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Paper, Woodboard
June 2024

600mm X 410mm  X 50mm

A narrative of this artistic research unfolds through concertina-folded documents. These serve as both a medium for sharing the research and an introduction to "The Tenjin Local Time."


Artist Statement
——Could we control time?
Whenever my radio clock adjusts the time, I feel as if I'm temporarily living in Japan Standard Time, even though I'm in Hong Kong. It makes me ponder how physical distance is expressed through our time systems. How does this influence the relationships between different countries, cultures, and the values we pursue? The way the Japanese government changed the calendar and time system reflects a unique visualization and execution of power. I've set up three responses to this research at Tenjinyama Art Studio from June 26 to 28.

Project Introduction
Everyone interprets the time system through the lens of colonialism and the industrial revolution in their own unique way. These interpretations are often visualized in languages, cultural landscapes, and the evolution of timekeeping systems. They reveal the intricate relationships between nations and how humanity navigates "difference."

This project unfolds in Hong Kong and Sapporo, blessed by the support I’ve received. Through various site visits, connecting with local artists, Hokkaido-based Hong Kong artists, and immersing myself in archives, libraries, and museums, I’ve been inspired to create artwork and engage in cultural exchange. The project centers on research and community. By the end of the residency, I host a mini-documentary exhibition, sharing sessions, and online documentation, all intended to spark further research in the next residency.

Photo Credits to
Wong Mei Yin  

Venue Supported by

Tenjinyama Art Studio

Supported by
Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.


Special Credits



Amy Chan

Asuka Yokoyama

Cara Cheng

Chinatsu Igarashi

Educator Queralt Casado Pardo


Kota Homma


Kumiko Oda

Leo Cheung

Mami Odai

Naebo Base

Poon Kai Hei 

Ryotaro Kobayashi 

Sapporo Municipal Central Library Librarian

Sato Yuri 

Shake Shake Cheung


Tadashi Yanadori


Vincent Wang 

Wong Mei Yin 

Yoshida Takuya

Yosuke Adachi 

Yuhi Kazama

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