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HELLO! This is Sharon Ng Wai Kwan.




Ng was born and raised in Kwun Tong, Hong Kong, where she leads a healthy life except for her occasional lack of sleep after pulling an all-nighter for work. Her memory fails her sometimes, but she always keeps the local time in mind.


She started working in the design industry in Catalonia after graduating with a BA in Visual Art from Hong Kong Baptist University. One year later, she expanded her career to design education following her return to Hong Kong. 


In late 2016, Ng co-launched the project ‘Hong Kong Jack Ciao Map’ to present much neglected local culture and history through seven maps of local destinations dedicated to ‘escapees’ to and from Hong Kong. When creating the maps, she added to the project guided tours based on the information from a map zine, workshops, and an exhibition for further promoting the unknown side of the city before ending the project in early 2020.


In 2020, her project was the exhibition ‘Natural Early Death’, through which she pondered over her death, learnt about older local generations’ desires for permanent residency and being buried in a certain place, and examined her contemporaries’ reasons for choosing to live. To her, the exhibition is a thought experiment for self-reflection and for exploring locals’ tolerance for death.

Since 2021, she started collecting dreams and created 'Dream Wanchai', a community art project. She worked with some of the dreamers to visually represent their dreams according to the address inside their dreams. And had them imagine what they would have done differently had they re-experienced them. The events brought to light many people’s life experiences in Wanchai. The participants also talked about their memories of the area and their connections with it. In late 2023, a comprehensive dream map was finally made.


Ng teaches illustration and visual communication design as a lecturer. She is also an active artist and designer interested in exploring different mediums. Meanwhile, she cares about everyday-life issues and maintaining relationships.





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