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Hong Kong Jack Ciao Map


2,754 km² 
Paper 89gsm 
USD6 per map

To redefine Hong Kong by reminding Hongkonger of the missing history of fleeing and escaping. This tool fools the audience with serious research and pulls them to explore Hong Kong in a whole new way.  
The chapter on Hiding & inspecting  
(Luminous Version) 

The new chapter of the series of Jack Ciao Map echoes the state of Hong Kong in 2019. It is a conceptual map with no geographical practicality, but every site has been inspected, visited, and verified carefully. Jack Ciao Aims to check out the history and culture of Hong Kong from the perspective of fleeing.

Proofreading by Ruby Yuen, Ng Ying Kwan
Translated by Vincent Wang Hung Hing

匿藏視察篇 (夜光版)


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