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2400 x 4700mm

Exhibition The Hong Kong Jockey Club Heritage X Arts X Design(H.A.D) Walk Project X Islands Treasure Islands
​@Central Harbourfront Event Space

Cargo and dolphin float on the sea, but with the opposite goal. The former is to be land. The later, once it landed, either dead or manipulated by human beings. Chinese white dolphins to me are similar to Hongkonger, both have been here for a long time, which share the same gloomy condition of living. Lacking space, and even less in the future. But still, we are staying here strong with the longest life expectancy on earth.

​貨櫃、海豚都喺海漂,但佢地嘅目的地相反。前者航行上岸;後者漫「游」綠水,錯配也。 但係,海豚同香港人好似,我地嘅能力同習性令我地留喺香港。 我地出生率低、生活喺大城市中、受發展規劃影響。無論環境如何,做地上最長命嘅人類。

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