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Niece ・Commemorative coins ・Nephew
20cm x 10cm x 10cm
Commemorative coins(中國發行回歸紀念幣), granite, paper, ink

I am a niece who was born in a different country than my uncle. I got a 1997 commemorative coin from him as a gift when I was a child. After 2019, I decided to create a container made of granite to pass the coin to my nephew, who was born in Toronto, followed by a letter. I wish one day I would read them my diaries during these two years, which I do not dare to read alone. 

作為在外地成長外甥,我係童年時收到舅父送贈《中國發行回歸紀念幣》,由上年開始製作一個容器,再送俾在外地成長嘅姨甥Connor 同Connan。另外附上一封信,希望有機會交俾佢哋,將來一齊睇返呢兩年我唔夠膽睇嘅日記,講比佢聽香港主權移交嘅事。

"Your home as museum" is a workshop on Hong Kong history. The workshop was initiated and facilitated by Dr. Vivian Ting. from 8 August 2020 to 13 September 2020. 

This artwork was started during this workshop. It means an assignment of memories to me.     


2020年秋季,長期wfh,Vivian好有心思搞咗一個workshop叫your home as museum。了解博物館角色、物件身世。每個參加者嘅物件,其實亦都代表緊香港嘅歷史,六堂,每堂都好精彩. . .老土講句,好似一份記憶嘅功課。

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