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A tiny criminal intimate zine was made during the ‘quarantine’ in Hong Kong. 

I would like to take this opportunity to share a bit about the situation here. The schools have been shut down for months, many of us work from home and we keep the social distance since the late Jan ——the first case from Wuhan, China. How familiar scenario.

Due to the SARS experience in 2003 and the distrust towards the Hong Kong Government after 1997(even deeper distrust after 9 JUN 2019), Hongkonger has to fight against the virus on our own without governmental resources. Fortunately and thankfully, there are many days of zero cases here since late APR.  

It was a very good timing for me and many of my friends to have a self-reflection and tidy up our matters and emotion during these ’work from home months'.

The zine is small, 40mm x 60mm each page, because it could be treated as crime evidence here, a very intimate zine for protestors. The 60 pages of documentation, is about the revolution in Hong Kong since 9 JUN 2019. It has not ended yet, but a bit slow down due to the virus.

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